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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Recent Adventures


Bears with Harry Spiker
Bears hibernating on the ground? Who knew what you could find in Maryland's woods! Hibernation is a way to conserve energy, so hibernation patterns vary based on the weather. Our black bears are healthy because food is plentiful.
If you see a bear in the woods, back away. If the bear sees you, don't run or make direct eye contact. Move slowly, talking to the bear as you back away. Always make sure the bear has an escape route.


Crayfish - Invaders Beneath the Surface
On our trek to Hood College, we discovered a world of crayfish, both native and invasive species. This small decapod is an indicator species for our aquatic environment. Looking inside a crayfish exoskeleton, we learned about their efficient the internal systems. The Rusty Crayfish is the latest invader, destroying vegetation even when it doesn't eat it. Watch for another exciting adventure into the world of small aquatic creatures!

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